Wheres the food?

Hey there beautiful, the names Kid Flash, you've probably heard of me. Fastest girl alive...what the hell do you mean you thought Kid Flash was a dude. What the--howdidyoueven...It's cool, I guess. I'm willing to put that behind us, how about a da--oh. You know what, that's cool...your loss, babe.

Independent rp blog for fem!Wally West. Open to rp with any one from any fandom

M!A: None at the moment but accepting

FC: Emma Watson

M!A Cat Girl for two weeks [open]

Walli hissed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She brought a hand up to her new cat ears and resisted the urge to rip them off. She sighed from her position in the floor—apparently she couldn’t even walk right—and examined her face. “Mrooow.” At least I don’t have whiskers.

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    "Hn…." Roy replied, eyeing the female, trying to read her thoughts.
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    She huffs and leans heavily on the table “Mrow.” I hate my life.
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    "Looks like you’re topping tonight."